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Top-quality refrigeration equipment is essential in commercial kitchens to maintain the freshness and quality of prepared meals – and that’s precisely what we offer. Our selection includes various brands of coolers, freezers, and walk-in units designed to uphold cold temperatures, preserving food freshness and reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses.
B&G stands as the ultimate source for a diverse array of refrigeration solutions. Alongside a range of commercial coolers and freezers, we also offer walk-in units to cater to your specific needs. If your business demands reliable cooling solutions, we have various brands of equipment available. Reach out today to explore our extensive range of commercial cooler and freezer services.”

Commercial Refrigeration

B&G Refrigeration has met commercial refrigeration needs all over Jacksonville Since 1974. Our professional technicians are qualified to repair commercial refrigeration systems, including walk-ins, reach-ins, as well as frozen deep-freeze units and ice machines.
At B&G Refrigeration, we specialize in all commercial cooling including:
* Supermarkets * Convenience Stores * Restaurants * Warehouses * Food Processing Facilities * Manufacturing Facilities

As a part of our installation process, our certified and licensed technicians will give your business an up-to-date estimate during every step of the planning stages. From the drafting designs, scheduling, installation, start-up and service, we will keep you informed the whole time. You can always be assured that our technicians are meeting the high standards set by the manufacturers and even higher standards set by B&G.

When our professionals diagnose your broken refrigeration unit, we won’t throw a bunch of terms at you that won’t make sense. We’ll explain exactly what each part is and what it does before it is replaced. But just to cover the bases, here are some technical terms that you should become familiar with when speaking to one of our technicians:

Compressor – A pump that compresses the refrigerant gas and moves it to the condenser

Condenser – A condenser is where the heat from the hot gas is removed and condensed into liquid, which then moves to through the dryer.

Drier – The part that filters unwanted debris and helps keep it from causing clogging in the metering device.

Metering Device (Capillary tube/ TXV) – The device restricts the flow of refrigerant so the pressure drops, which makes it easier to evaporate.

Evaporator – The evaporator is where refrigerant is restricted so that the vapors can be routed back to the compressor to complete the cycle of cooling.

The enclosed system should never leak refrigerant. If a leak does occur, call B&G Refrigeration immediately.

• Beverage Air
• Delfield
• Glastender
• Hobart/Traulsen
• Hussmann
• Randell
• True Manufacturing
• Turbo Air
• Victory Refrigeration
• Wassestrom
• Advantco
• Artic Air
• Asber
• Atosa
• Continental
• Fisher Scientific
• Hoshizaki
• Keep Rite
• Kelvinator
• Silver King
• Traulsen
• And others
• Kolpak
• Kysor Panels
• Anthony / Ardco Doors
• Krack
• Masterbilt
• SRC Refrigeration
• Norlake
• Amerikooler
• American Panel
• Larkin
• Heatcraft
• Bohn
• Trenton Freezer
• Russell
• Copeland
• Tecumseh
• Krack
• Hussman
• Bristol
• Kramer
• Masterbuilt
• Russell
• Trenton
• Witt
• And others

Ice Machines

B&G Refrigeration technicians not only specialize in refrigerators, but we are also expertly trained in maintaining commercial ice machines. We successfully install, repair, and replace any ice machine. We also offer a quality line of ice machines that range from small bins and storage for smaller commercial use to large machines for food industry uses.

Elevate Your Business with B&G Refrigeration's Premium Commercial Ice Machine Dispenser Services

B&G Refrigeration takes pride in delivering unparalleled services specifically tailored for commercial ice machine dispensers. Our commitment revolves around ensuring a seamless and reliable ice supply for your establishment. With proactive maintenance plans designed for peak performance, we guarantee uninterrupted service, keeping your commercial ice dispensers operating flawlessly.
When unexpected issues arise, our efficient repair services provide swift solutions, ensuring your dispensers meet the demands of your business without disruption. Beyond routine maintenance and repairs, our specialization lies in optimizing the performance of your commercial ice machine dispensers. From fine-tuning ice cube size to optimizing production rates, we tailor our services to align with the unique needs of your business.
Additionally, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our energy-efficient upgrades, offering cost-effective solutions that reduce environmental impact while maintaining peak efficiency for your commercial ice dispensers.
Trust B&G Refrigeration for comprehensive services centered around commercial ice machine dispensers. Our solutions not only ensure your business stays operational but also contribute to the longevity and efficiency of your equipment. Discover the difference of working with a team dedicated to maximizing the performance of your commercial ice dispensers.

Keeping Your Ice & Water Clean

Due to our local water quality, water filtration is imperative. B&G Refrigeration recommends installing water filtration on your ice and beverage dispensing machines. Most major manufacturers will not honor any parts and labor warranty if the water quality is in question or if regular maintenance has not been preformed. Plus, regular maintenance is a Health Department requirement for public facilities that serve ice.
The brands of Ice Machines that we service are: * Hoshizaki * Scotsman * Manitowoc * Koolaire * Ice-O-Matic * Cornelius For all of your ice machine and refrigeration needs, give B&G Refrigeration at Jacksonville a call at (888) 777-4197.

Restaurant Equipment

Here at B&G Refrigeration of Jacksonville, we not only provide you with all your cooling needs but we also supply a broad range of commercial kitchen equipment. We sell and install all kitchen equipment.

The equipment we offer includes hot beverage machines, toasters, fryers, warming cabinets, mixers, ovens, and grills. B&G has experience installing food service equipment in all different types of establishments including convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, churches and much more.

B&G Refrigeration can supply your restaurant with all the tools that are necessary to make your kitchen efficient and successful. We can provide you with first class preparation tools that will make a phenomenal difference as you create gourmet masterpieces with ease.

Our different lines of restaurant equipment that we service include:
AJ Antunes Alto Shaam APW Wyott Blodgett Bunn Cleveland Grindmaster Groen Hatco Henny Penny Lancer Lincoln Pitco Silver King Southbend Range Star Toastmaster Wells Winston

Beverage Dispensers

B&G Refrigeration knows that choosing the right beverage dispenser can be a task, which is why B&G only carries the best and most modern beverage dispensers the market has to offer. B&G Refrigeration supplies countertop dispensers to mount to a refrigerator or freezer, beverage dispenser guns that are installed under the counter top, and beverage dispenser machines that include an ice bin.

Our B&G Refrigeration technicians are certified and factory trained so they can repair, perform maintenance and install beverage dispensers and ice machines. Maintaining regular service to your beverage dispenser is imperative for keeping the right amount of CO2 and carbonation, as well as most keeping a consistent temperature of no more than 40 degrees in your liquids or sodas. B&G Refrigeration knows how important it is for regular maintenance, which is why they offer routinely scheduled plans to your business to make sure you are dispensing the best quality beverage possible. Give B&G Refrigeration a call today for installation of a new beverage dispenser or to schedule a repair or maintenance. You can always count on quality work from B&G Refrigeration.

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