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Why Might a Compressor Fail

A few reasons why a compressor might fail:

  • Electrical problems – which is a major cause of compressor failure – including: faulty wiring done by the technician improperly wiring the compressor, low voltage, a bad or incorrectly-sized capacitor, compressor short-cycling or motor overload.
  • Liquid flooding is liquid returning to the compressor while it is still running. Liquid droplets dilute the oil, which prevents the parts of the compressor from being properly lubricated, which in turn leads to wear of parts and overheating. Slugging is the return of a mass of liquid, usually refrigerant and/oil. Compressors cannot compress liquids and will lead to a broken compentant usually if slugging occurs. To prevent liquid flooding/flooback and slugging, an accumulator can used. It will act as a reservoir, keeping liquid from entering the compressor.
  • Lack of oil, which as mention can be caused from liquid floodback, results in wear of the compressor, which will cause overheating and the compressor to seize up. Some reasons why the compressor isn’t properly oiled include: the gas velocity being too small to pick up the oil, a lack of refrigerant in the system, an oversized suction line, short-cycling or a blockage in the system.
  • Improper control settings can lead to the overheating of the system.
  • The only things allowed inside a refrigeration system is oil and refrigerant. Anything besides these is considered a contaminant, including air, scale, moisture or any kind of dirt. Contaminants can lead to system failure, so make sure that the system is clean and there is nothing besides oil and refrigerant in there, and even then, make sure those are at proper levels and not going into the wrong place.

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Our Equipment

Please check out our equipment page for more detailed information about the equipment we will not only provide, but install as well. These are but a few commercial restaurant equipment we cover!

• Walk-ins – Freezers and Coolers
• Chiller Systems
• Reach-ins – Coolers and Freezers
• Undercounter / Undergrill units
• Open Air Display Cases

Here are a few brands we have:

• True Manufacturing Company
• Delfield Refrigeration
• Randell
Beverage Air
• Hoshizaki
• And many others.

If you need professional installations, preventative maintenance, and/or repairs, please give us a call!

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Designing your first kitchen

One of the most important things in developing your commercial eatery is designing your commercial kitchen. There are so many factors that go into utilizing the right amount of space and laying out the right equipment to start and leaving enough room to expand. It’s almost like putting together a maze. It doesn’t have to be. At B&G Refrigeration, we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of different kitchens and we wanted to offer our best advice for designing a commercial kitchen.

Things to consider for an ideal commercial kitchen design:

Space limits
There are undoubtedly limitations you’ll come across in the architecture and design of the kitchen area.

When creating the design of your kitchen, it’s important to consider safety first. You’ll need to ensure that your kitchen is well lit, ensure there’s enough room to move freely and that there’s consideration for mobilizing hot foot and transporting sharp objects.

It’s important to ensure that the layout of your kitchen is optimal for maximum efficiency. For instance, does the layout force your workers to waste time walking back and forth to prepare the food and clean whereas it should only take a few steps.

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Essential Equipment Maintenance Services

Your commercial kitchen equipment is no different from any other piece of equipment you have that requires routine maintenance to keep it running properly. Essential equipment maintenance services will increase the ROI on your equipment, improve the longevity of your equipment, and give you the peace of mind that emergency breakdowns are significantly reduced.

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