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Ice Machine Maintenance

Not only will B&G Refrigeration install or repair ice machines for your business, we also perform preventative maintenance.

If you already own an ice machine for your business, it’s highly recommended that a deep cleaning is done once a year as well as quarterly or biannual preventative maintenance. To help your ice machine produce clean ice, and increase the machine’s lifespan, it’s also highly recommended that filtration is installed.

Give us a call if you’d like to keep your business’ ice machine in tip-top shape! We hope you’re having a wonderful Spring!

Reminder: Don’t forget preventative maintenance for your machines

It’s autumn, so now is a good time to have one of our technicians come over for preventive maintenance. It’s important for your systems to have regular maintenance in order to prevent breakdowns. Schedule one on our website or give us a call. We’ll come right over!

Thank you and have a nice autumn and winter!

Residential PMs – Fall and Spring are the best times of year

“What’s that burning smell?!” It’s another good reason why you should get your HVAC system maintained in the fall.  If you smell something burning when you turn on the heat, you have an accumulation of dust on your heat strips, which is burning off.  As part of our PM, we blow out that dust to limit any fire hazard and unpleasant smells.  Call today for scheduling 904-620-0081 or visit our website www.bgheatingandair.com